Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Peace Be With You

Our Lord is so amazing!  I love when I am reading His word and He speaks to me directly about what I am dealing with or going through right at that moment.  His Word is definitely living and active and such a daily blessing to me!!  As many of you know, our insurance denied coverage of Daniel's shoulder surgery and we had thought all along it was going to be covered.  It was definitely a slap in the face and we know it is an attack from Satan--especially since we are in the middle of raising financial support for our departure to Costa Rica.  You would think Satan would be a little less obvious with the attack--we kinda expected some financial attack somewhere since this is where God has us focusing right now.  But anyway, today I was reading in John 14:25-31 about how God has sent his Holy Spirit to be with us as our Counselor.  In verse 27 He says, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."  My Oswald Chambers devotional then says, "Inner peace is impossible unless it is received from Jesus.  Have you ever received what Jesus speaks--'MY PEACE I GIVE YOU'?  It is a peace which comes from looking into His face and realizing His undisturbedness."  I was so touched by God's peace which is truly a peace that passes all understanding.  I can just feel such peace and I picture looking into Jesus' face--for He is the Prince of Peace.  Oswald continues with "Are you painfully disturbed just now, distracted by the waves and billows of God's PROVIDENTIAL PERMISSION and, having turned over the boulders of your belief, are you still finding no well of peace or joy or comfort--is all barren?  Are you looking unto Jesus now, in the immediate matter that is pressing and receiving from Him peace?  If so, He will be a benediction of peace in and through you.  But if you try to worry it out, you obliterate Him and deserve all you get."  I was so blessed by this because it reminded me that no matter the trials or difficulties we are facing and no matter the source, God has permitted them--all has been filtered through His hands of love--and in Him we will find true peace as we push through these trials.  Our God is so faithful...if we remain in Him and He in us, we will bear much fruit. For apart from Him we can do NOTHING. (John 15:5)   I have total peace about these medical bills and now look forward to the miracles that will result as God receives all the glory!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


We took our youth group to Carowinds and we took Thomas along with us.  He had so much fun!  Some of our "Tico" (word used for Costa Ricans) friends who are studying at USC for another year went along with us.  Thomas is an adrenaline junkie just like his father which makes me a little nervous!  He enjoyed all of the kiddie rides and even a roller coaster with daddy.  

The top picture is us with our "Tico" friends: Mauricio, Anita and Adrian.  Thomas and Adrian are buddies.  It has been such a blessing to get to know them over the past year and a half because they will be returning to Costa Rica as we are finishing up language school next Spring.  The Lord has already given us close friends in the area that He has called us to...He is so faithful!!!

Summer Fun

Daniel's day off is on Monday so last week we took the boys to pick blueberries and tomatoes at The Hunsucker's house.  They had so much fun--Thomas enjoyed picking them and Jacob enjoyed eating them!   Jacob decided to take a big bite out of one of the tomatoes when we weren't looking...it was pretty funny!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Accepted to Language School

Well, as we begin "blogging" in preparation for our departure to Costa Rica we are so excited to use this as a tool to keep in touch with all of our friends, family and supporters.  Thanks to everyone for all of your continued prayers and financial pledges.  This week we received an acceptance letter to language school in San Jose.  YEA!!!  We will attend for 4 1/2 months before moving to Jaco (about 1 hr and 30 min from San Jose).  As of now, we are leaving the last week in December.  We have not ordered plane tickets yet--please pray for us here--tickets are about triple what they were when we went in April!!  We look forward to sharing our journey with all of you as we follow the Lord's leading for our family...