Friday, December 27, 2013

A Special Christmas Wish

We have had a wonderful Christmas month here in Jaco!!  The Lord has provided for us to be able to help many families in need, and many children who would not have received gifts were blessed with gifts and food for their families.  We were contacted in December by a local restaurant that wanted to donate gifts for children who had not yet received anything.  We were able to partner with them to help out another small Spanish church in the area who had nothing for the kids in their church.  God is so good!  With these gifts we received, there were 2 little bikes to give away.  We wanted them to be for 2 little ones who came from very needy families.  I talked to some of the ladies in my Bible Study and 2 of them began to pray.  They both came to me at different times with a little 3 year old girl in mind whose family had close to nothing and her baby brother (3 months old) was just out of the hospital where he was bleeding uncontrollably.  They thought he would die.  The mother took him to the church where they prayed for him and the Lord healed his little body!!  He is a little miracle as the doctors could not figure out what to do with him and the mother was desperate.  Meanwhile, none of us realized that these two ladies were both thinking of the same little girl so I was praying trying to figure out "which little girl" of these 2 that we were going to choose.  As I picked both ladies up and we began to talk, we realized that they had both prayed and the Lord had put the same family on their hearts and this little girl was going to be the one to receive the bike.  It was such a God moment!! So, we took the bike over to the family and the little girl was in shock.  Her mom, through tears, shared that the little girl had wanted a bike and she told her she needed to ask Jesus for one knowing that she would not be able to buy one.  She received her bike from Jesus and she was amazed!  What a blessing it was to bless this family in the name of Jesus....He had definitely picked this little one to receive this bike, but what this family received that day was so much more!  The mom has felt God's love like never before--like he truly cares about her--even in the little things.  Praise God for is tender love towards us....every good and perfect gift is from above!!!

Little Veronica with her new bike!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Kids Club Christmas Outreach

Yesterday we had our annual Christmas Outreach for the children we minister to on a weekly basis.  We also had a few new families come out and join the festivities.  It was a BLAST with bounce houses and candy and hotdogs and a photo booth and a Christmas Drama and the Gospel and toys and beans and rice and Santa and the list goes on!!!!  We gave out almost 150 gifts and served over 200 people lunch.  This means that over 200 people heard the Gospel message as we shared it yesterday!!  Praise the Lord!  We pray that these seeds planted will be watered and continue to grow in the coming year.  We had such an amazing group of volunteers who loved these people with Christ's love and it was a wonderful time had by all!  To see these kids faces, knowing that for some of them this will be the only gift they receive, was such a blessing to us all!   Praise God for His faithfulness yesterday and every day!!!