Sunday, August 2, 2015

Taking a break from blogging

So sorry for not blogging in a long time!  We have been super busy with ministry here, traveling back to The States for 2 weeks and hosting mission teams!  We are going to take a sabbatical from our blog for a time due to the demands of ministry and trying to keep up with other modes of communication.  If you would like to subscribe to our quarterly newsletter, please email us at: and we will add you to the list.   You can also follow us on Facebook at "Horizon Church" Jaco. 

Thank you so much for understanding!  We love you and are so thankful for all of you!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Baptism and Beach Cookout

We had a wonderful time yesterday celebrating 8 baptisms with our church body!  It was such a blessing to witness each one and and we had a blast eating together and enjoying the day at the beach.  God continues to do amazing things here in Jaco and we are so blessed to be a part of it!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fun at Kids Club!

At Kids Club last Saturday we had a great time with our special guests--the Lifeguards of Jaco!  They taught the children about water safety on the beach as well as a mini CPR course.  The head lifeguard for Jaco, Marvin Perez, is a good friend of ours and attends Iglesia Radical with us.  He loves the Lord and has an amazing message for the kids through his classes about who the REAL LIFESAVER is---Jesus!!!  It was a sweet time and we are so thankful for all of the hard work they do here in Jaco.  People drown all the time here in Jaco due to strong rip currents and so water safety for children is so important.  Even more, to know that Marvin is a true testament of God's love for all is awesome as well!! 

Madelyn is born!

We are so excited to announce that Madelyn Noemi was born on Easter Sunday, April 5th, at 1:14am.  We are all so in love with her, and I have had a wonderful time helping Cecilia with motherhood!!  She is doing so well and little Madelyn is growing.  She has a head FULL of black hair and beautiful brown eyes.  She truly is a gift from the Lord. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ceci's Baby Shower

Cecilia, our adopted daughter's, baby girl is due on April 20th.  We had a wonderful time throwing a baby shower for her, and she was blown away by the generosity of so many!!  She said she has never experienced love like this and is amazed by God and what He is doing in her life. Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery for Madelyn Noemi and for us as we transition to a new little one in the house.  Here are a few pictures from her special day!

Youth leading Kids

For some time now, we are raising up our Youth to be leaders at Kids Club.  Those interested in being a part of the leadership team are required to attend a weekly Leadership Training led by Emily and Lisa, girls who serve with us here in Jaco.  During Kids Club, the youth serve as table leaders where they maintain order and help those at their table with their crafts.  They also are responsible for passing out the snack and distribution of beans and rice at the end.  If they attend all Leadership Trainings for the month, they get to go to Esterillos, a town south of us, and lead a once a month Kids Club Outreach to a poor neighborhood there.   It has been amazing to see these youth really step up into leadership roles...we are so proud of them!  A few weeks ago the youth led each of their respective groups of kids at their tables in a skit acting out a Bible Story and telling how it applies to our lives.  It was such a sweet time of seeing these youth rise to the occasion as leaders of the little ones as well as seeing their creativity come to life!  Here are few pictures of the skits they did.  We love these kids so much and are excited that they are learning life skills that are necessary and useful for the rest of their lives!!

Women's Luncheon with Maribel

I am so sorry that I have not blogged in a while!  We have been super busy with school starting, the launch of new Bible Studies and Small Groups, and mission teams so I have had to put blogging on the back burner for a while.  Now I will play catch up!

Here are some pictures of a Women's Luncheon we did where we had Maribel, friend and local glass artist, come and share her work and her testimony.  We also had a panel from the church answer questions that were relevant to us and our faith.  It was a sweet time of fellowship for all of us and a great way to invite women in who might not otherwise come to church.  We had a great time!!