Saturday, June 20, 2009

The rainy season has arrived!!

Well, the rainy season has officially arrived.  Costa Rica only has 2 seasons, wet and dry.  The wet season is "el invierno" (winter) and the dry season is "el verano" (summer).  The rainy season is "officially" from June to December which means it pretty much rains every day.  Every morning we wake up to a beautiful sunny day with very few clouds in the sky and by 1:00 it never fails--the rain (or should I say monsoon at times) begins!!  The rain usually continues into the night and sometime before sunrise the rain has subsided and the sun returns for a few hours.  It is bizarre--really--because at times we are just sure that it will not rain because it is so beautiful and out of nowhere the clouds and rain appear.  The rain does "cool" us off every day and because everyone is so accustomed to it life continues on as normal--everyone is just really WET every where you go!  One huge blessing from the rain is the wonderful fruit that we get from the trees in our yard.  We have a mango and papaya tree in our back yard and we thoroughly enjoy eating and sharing them daily. Fruit picking has quickly become a new favorite pastime of Daniel and the boys.  Daniel has rigged a pole to knock the ripened fruits out of the trees and the boys are responsible for collecting the falling goods and bringing them to me to wash them.  Every morning the boys run to the back yard to see how many mangoes the rain has forced out of the trees.   We have a lot of fun and it really doesn't take much here to keep us entertained!  

The following are a few pictures of the rain at our house and the fruit trees in our back yard. 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My "Baby" Turns 2!!!

I can't believe our baby, Jacob, turned 2 on Friday, June 5th!  Time truly flies!!!  We had a little birthday party for Jacob in our back yard with a few of his little friends from our language school. The kids enjoyed cupcakes, candy and of course a piñ can't have a party in Costa Rica without the traditional piñata!!!  Concepción brought Jacob a mini piñata on Friday so the boys had fun playing with it.  Then on Saturday we had his party and he picked out an "Elmo" piñata for his big day.  Here are a few pictures from the fiesta!!!