Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mission Team: Faith Baptist Church

We were MORE than blessed to host Faith Baptist Church from Bartlet, TN this past week!!  The 11 person team came and served and gave and loved and served some more---all in the name of Jesus!  They were an amazing group and we are so blessed to know them and to have served alongside them!  They built an outdoor rancho, built a small sidewalk bridge, built walls in a home, lead kids clubs, shared testimonies at Bible Studies, did street evangelism, etc...this team was incredible!  Thank you, Faith Baptist Church, for planting seeds here in Jaco...we are forever blessed!!

One of our youth, Cristian, working at the woodshop.  He works here weekly to learn woodworking skills. 

Bible Study Women were blessed by Eleanor's testimony and even enjoyed making a craft.

Bible markers that the team brought for the women to do

Fun girl's night!!

Picture day at Kids Club!!

The women of the group with Dale and me.  Love these girls!!

Building the rancho for Seeds of Hope

Completed rancho...a place for the girls to pray and meditate...the team even left money to buy hammocks and such...what a blessing!!!
The team plus a few...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

As many of you know, we have been planning this "Human Trafficking Awareness Day" for about 2 months now.  We did one in May for our church to begin to create awareness as to what is going on all around us in regards to Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation.  After doing so, a member of the OIJ (the local FBI) asked us to duplicate this same program for the local gov't and local organizations.  We feel like this was a HUGE open door from the Lord as nothing else like this has been done here in town.  After much planning and prayer, we held the Awareness Day on Wednesday and it was more than a success!  We showed the movie "Nefarious-Merchant of Souls" and we shared a short video that we filmed of a lady we minister to who was trafficked and is now out and free.  A local Costa Rican friend who attends our church was the spokesperson and did a wonderful presentation about the reality of this in our country and in our town.  It was so well received because she was a local speaking to her own "countrymen".  We had over 100 in attendance and there were many tears and many who are ready to help however they can.  God was truly glorified as scripture was shared and the video shared how Jesus is truly the only answer.  As I sat there I had a moment of "wow, I can't believe this is really happening" and I know it is because we serve an amazing God who wants this country back!!!  PLEASE continue to pray as we move forward.  We don't know what the next step is for us and we know God will show us in His timing.  I will share that we had a meeting a few days later and though I can't disclose anything due to safety/protection, God is MOVING and AMAZING things are happening!!  Thanks so much for your continued prayers!!!!!  We love you!!!

People praying over the chairs before the event began

Our sweet friend, Yocsy, who was our spokesperson for the event

The people are arriving...

Preparing to show the documentary

Friday, August 16, 2013

Wonderful Ministry Tool-- Vow Renewal

Our wonderful friends, Scott and Melissa Huey, and their children came to serve alongside us for the past 3 weeks.  They were a joy to have and really were able to minister to so many people in so many ways.  One thing they desired to do while here was renew their vows and invite all to whom they had ministered to attend the ceremony.  It turned out to be an amazing evangelism "tool" as Scott shared his testimony and their story as husband and wife.  We even got to minister to and pray with a few people afterwards who are really seeking God but who are scared.  All in all, it was a truly special day and we were so thankful to have had them here with us for these 3 weeks!  We love you Huey family!!!

Sweet Camila dressed so pretty!

Beatriz, who attends Women's Bible Study, and her husband Enrique son, Gerald.  We prayed with Enrique as he has a lot of questions about Jesus and wants to know more.

My crazy husband

Yamileth's new baby, Joel Josue

Yamileth with her husband, Porfirio and little Joel Josue

Melissa and Scott


Scott singing a song during the ceremony with some of our youth

Miguel and Naomi

Carmen and her daughter, Maria

Fanny and Emely