Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Calvary Chapel Aiken Mission Team

This group blessed us above and beyond this week!!!!  We were blown away by their humble service both to us and to the people of Jaco whom we love so dearly!  Thanks so much CC Aiken!!!

This group is building triple bunk beds and shelving for a family in INVU with 7 members and EXTREMELY small quarters.  The family was super excited with the results!!  The 3 teenagers, who are part of our youth group, were sleeping together on a torn up mattress on the floor.  They were excited to get their own beds!!

These men are building a new fence for Jose and Rosa, a couple in our church who lives in INVU.  It looks awesome!!

These are before and after pictures of Viviana's house.  The team painted it and the wall out front.  It looks awesome!!!

Here are the ladies making homemade books for their children or grandchildren during our Bible Study with them this week.

This is the white picket fence that the team built for a lady in INVU named Karina.  She is starting a little daycare in her home so she has work and so she can be with her children at home during the day.  This fence is just perfect for her!!!
Here is the team of 14 that blessed us this week!!!