Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jacob's Baptism

We are certainly celebrating with Jacob as Daniel had the privilege of baptizing him on Sunday!!  We had a church cookout and baptism on the beach and Jacob had been counting down the days all week until his baptism.  You see, we have talked about Jesus many times and he remembers very clearly when Thomas said "I believe!  I want to invite Jesus into my heart, Mom".  In fact, he often reminded us during our devotions in the morning, "Thomas is a Christian and I am not yet because I don't really understand."  We continued to encourage him that one day he would and that it was okay that he did not understand yet.  Well, on Easter our wonderful Children's Director, Dale Scaglione, shared the Gospel with the children and gave them an opportunity to invite Jesus into their hearts.  For the first time, the "blinders" were removed from Jacob's eyes and he understood who Jesus was and what He did for him.  He prayed and asked Jesus to live in his heart.  After church that day, he came to us and quietly shared with us his decision.  "Mom, I am now a Christian.  I believe.  I invited Jesus into my heart.  I finally understand."  Oh the overflow of joy to hear these precious words from my sweet Jacob who did truly understand for the first time!!  Since that day, he had determined that he wanted to be baptized in the ocean to "show others that he is a Christian now."  The faith of a child is so beautiful and so real.

So, on Sunday, during our cookout with the church, Jacob and another precious woman, Glenda, were baptized as everyone cheered and celebrated.  Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness and for showing yourself real to my boy!  We are so blessed!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Father/Son Camping Trip

A guy in our church has started a ministry for fathers and sons called "Contenders of the Faith", and we are super excited!!!  Their first "official" outing was camping and kayaking together last weekend and they had a blast!  They got rained on a little, but that did not stop them from having fun together!  My boys are still telling me stories from their adventures together.  I am so blessed that my boys are making such healthy memories with their Daddy and other Christian men with their sons.  This trip was the first of are a few pictures of their adventures:

Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013 Women's Conference

I had SO much fun with these precious women from our church as we attended a Women's Conference this past weekend!  I am in awe of the amazing things God is doing here in Jaco in and through these wonderful ladies and I love each of them dearly!!!

Love these Horizon Church Women!!!