Sunday, October 30, 2011

EcoRun 2011

Saturday I ran a 10K with a few friends to raise money for the turtle refuge in Hermosa (about 10 minutes from us.) We had so much fun!! Daniel and the boys borrowed a golf cart and drove around cheering us on by banging pots and pans--it was great! My favorite part of the race was when Thomas and Jacob met me close to the end and ran across the finish line with was such a sweet moment for me!! Here are a few pictures of the event...

Friday, October 28, 2011

George's Baptism

Daniel got a call from his friend, Shawn, at the beginning of the week with good news. George wanted to be baptized!! George is a guy who was homeless on the streets of Jaco for many years and was a drug addict during his time on the streets. Daniel and Shawn got to know him through the homeless feedings Daniel has been a part of on Friday nights. Seven weeks ago George decided he had had enough and was finally ready for help. Shawn took him to Casa de Amor, a Christian rehab center in Quepos, and he has been there ever since. He came back to Jaco this week, 7 weeks later, to get his tooth fixed and told the guys he wanted to be baptized here as a symbol of the change the Lord has done on the inside of him. So, Daniel had the privilege of baptizing him at our house on Wednesday surrounded by all the guys that have been pouring into George and praying for his salvation. It was truly amazing and just more evidence that the Lord is doing something here in the streets of Jaco. The Lord desires lives surrendered to Him--praise the Lord George has finally surrendered! Please continue to pray for him as he has returned to Casa de Amor to finish his time there .

Monday, October 17, 2011

Meeting Needs

Today we had the privilege of going down to Quepos (a city about 1 hr from Jaco) to take food that our church has collected for Casa de Amor. Casa de Amor is a drug and alcohol rehab center for men that is run by some wonderful missionary friends of ours, Kim and Laura Stilwell. They emailed us last week saying that they had great needs at the center for food and toiletry items. We presented the need to our church last week and what a blessing it was this week to see our church members wanting to help!! They provided tons of groceries for us to take and bless the ministry today. So, because Thomas was out of school today we made it a family day and went down with all of the goods and visited with Kim for a while. It ministered to us to be there with these men and they were so excited to receive all that we had, knowing the Lord had provided!! We then took the boys to a fun little restaurant for lunch called"El Avion" (the airplane). It is an actual a C-123 that was abandoned here after the Iran-Contra affair was exposed in the 80's. Later it was moved to Quepos and turned into a restaurant. They had a blast playing in the airplane and we enjoyed a delicious lunch there! Enjoy pictures of our day below...

Daniel with Kim (green shirt) and our friend Alejandro, who is an overseer at Casa de Amor
Here are the guys eating lunch

Here is some of the food we brought from the church donations

Daniel and George, a guy from Jaco who has been at the center for 6 weeks...Daniel knows him from the streets of Jaco--today was his birthday

The boys had so much fun!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Here are a few pictures of Thomas with his science project at the kindergarten science fair. It was so cute seeing these little people present their projects to the parents and teachers. And it was all in Spanish so we were especially proud of Thomas for presenting his in Spanish as well. Thomas did a project testing different shapes of boats made of aluminum foil. He tested which one floated best. He had a great time with it!! In addition, here are a few pictures of little Micah. He is 6 weeks old and growing so fast!!! He is such a joy!