Sunday, September 7, 2014

House Remodeling!!

We are so excited about the blessing of having bought a house here and being able to remodel it!!  As many of you have asked, here are a few before and "in progress" pictures as we reach completion!!!  We will be moving in by October 1st and we are super excited!!  God is good!!!
This is the house when we bought it
front carport being added with gutters on the front
House is built out towards the front on the right side so it is flush with the left side.  Columns are being built.
House being painted!!!!  Window trim in place...we are so excited!!! :) :)
Inside the front door of the house (before)
Roof comes off and demo starts

Walls are removed and rebuilt
Lots of demo!!!!
Walls are rebuilt and ceiling is in...
Tile and paint...

Furniture shop where out kitchen is being made

Our kitchen being made by a little Tico man from Sarchi

Backyard before picture
Lots of debris cleared (this is a view from under the outdoor covered area)-you can see where the little dipping pool in the middle of the yard is covered with a piece of tin...we filled the little pool in
Mission Team scraping wall of old pool house in back (will filled in the dipping pool and will cover it with sod)
A mission team helped us clean up!!

This is the former pool pump house from above and this is the area where the concrete and dipping were

Micah helped too!