Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun Times with Youth Group

We have been having a great time leading youth group here in Jaco. We have a great group of kids and the Lord keeps sending more. It is a very diverse group, yet they mesh very well. Daniel led the group on a digital scavenger hunt last week and they had a blast--even in the pouring rain! Here are a few pictures from the night. Please continue to pray for theseprecious teenagers. Here in Jaco they are facing so much more than they would in other areas in regards to "worldly" influences and just plain darkness. Please pray for them as they learn about Jesus their Savior and the plan He has for their lives.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bible Study, Stitch Removal, Etc

Bible Study for the women in INVU has been going extremely well! Thank you for all of your prayers and PLEASE keep praying. Pray that the hearts of these women would be open to Jesus and the hope they can find in Him for their lives. I have really gotten a chance to develop some sweet relationships with a few of them and I am excited about what the Lord is going to do with it. Please pray!!! Here are a few pictures of our Bible Study last week. We started a study on the names of God and getting to know God and His character through His names. I am going to teach on a different name every time and just continue to pray that the Lord uses it to reveal Himself to these precious women. One of my friends who attends our church taught the ladies how to make animals and flowers out of marshmellows for craft time....they had a ball!
our kids playing with children in INVU

Also, Jacob's head has healed just beautifully! We are very pleased with the results. Daniel took the stitches out on Tuesday and he looks good...thanks for praying for him!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Poor Baby!

Well, we were wondering how long it would take for our rough and tough little Jacob to get his first stitches. Today was the day, but at least he almost made it to his 4th birthday stitch-free!! He was swinging on a broken swing at a house where we minister to the mothers of kid's club kids and he slipped right off landing on his head. The bad thing in my opinion is he split it on the side of a concrete "ditch" where open sewage runs from the homes (as they don't have great drainage). He is up to date on his shots but I am tempted to take him for another tetinus just to make sure. Here are pictures of the damage...please pray for quick healing!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter at Kid's Club

We had a lot of fun celebrating Easter with our kids at Kid's Club. We had a big easter egg hunt for all the children. (which they do not do here so we had to explain the tradition) We hid eggs full of candy and 12 special eggs that we used to tell the resurrection story. Each egg had a reminder of each part of the resurrection story. We used these resurrection eggs to describe each part of Jesus's death and resurrection. We then made foam crosses and decorated them. It was a fun morning and always full of organized chaos--whatever that is! Here are a few pictures from the day...
This is a new painting of our Kids Club tree on the wall facing the park. Tierra de Aventura means "Adventure Land" which is the new name of kids club. A friend of ours, Phoebe, from Wales painted it before she returned home...we love it!!!