Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Southside Church Mission Trip

We hosted a team from Virginia last weekfrom Southside Church. They were a group of 39 teenagers and adults and came to do construction projects, kids club and family movie night. They did some amazing work and we are so blessed to havehosted them! They worked on building a house for an elderly lady who attends our church. Theybuilt a cinderblock wall on a home in INVU (the neighborhood we work in). They built new picnic tables and benches for the park and brought new swings to replace the broken ones we have. They re-roofed the public school in Hermosa. They built soccer goals for a school in a little pueblo of 100 people about 1 1/2 hours from Jaco up in the mountains. Allin all, it was a blessing to have themand we will continue where they left off to finish Alyssia's house as well as other projects that we had planned to do. Thanks Southside for all of your hard work!!! The following are a few pictures from the week...
cleaning up the park
building new picnic tables and benchesfinished productIn line for beans and rice
building a wall in the back of a home in INVU
Building a house for a member of our church, Alyssia (pictured)A picture of the house thus far...

Monday, July 18, 2011

More Pictures from BWO

We have had such a wonderful time this week with the mission team, BWO. They have blessed us and the people of Jaco so much---we just can't thank them enough for all they have done!! There were many people who gave their lives to Jesus this week as a result of all the ministry going on. Please pray that we are able to follow up with these people and help disciple them in their relationship with the Lord. Also pray that they would come to church and begin to be fed spiritually on a weekly basis. We are just more than blessed for all this team has done!! The medical team saw hundreds of patients and because an OB/GYN was part of the team she did free Pap Smears and STD testing for almost 100 women. It was so amazing to see people's spiritual needs met as well as their physical needs. We took the cosmetology team out on Thursday and Friday nights to minister to the prostitutes like we did last year. We did hand massages, prayed with them and even scheduled some of them for appts with the doctor for free medical exams. It was a blessed time and weare praying that the seeds planted with these women will grow however the Lord sees fit.

The VBS and Sports Outreach teams ministered to many children and on Saturday night we put on a big family night at the soccer field where we meet for church. We rented inflatables and had carnival games with prizes for the kids to enjoy. We fed them and then the Evangelism/Drama team did a few dramas ending with the story of Jesus healing the blind man, Bartimaeus. We had a pair of men from the team who have a ministry in The States where one teaches while the other paints what is being taught. It was incredible to see the painting of Jesus healing the blind man come alive as Terry taught and Chad painted. Many in attendance at the family night gave their lives to Christ after the teaching. All in all, it has been a wonderful week though we are exhausted! God is doing amazing things here in Jaco and we are so blessed to be a part of it. Below are a few more pictures from the week...

Outreach for FamiliesEvangelism painting/teaching by Chad and TerrryMedical clinic

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Believers World Outreach

We have been extremely busy hosting Believer's World Outreach this week. They are a mission team of over 60 people and have been with us the past few years. They are brokenup into 5different teams including street evangelism/drama, vacation bible school,medical,cosmetology, and sports camps. We are having so much fun with them and they are really making a huge impact in Jaco with the Gospel. They will be here through July 19th and our next team arrives that same day. Here are a few pictures from the past few days...