Sunday, April 29, 2012

Youth Group

When we arrived here 3 1/2 years ago, we knew the Lord would use us somehow to reach the youth in this town since we are gifted in that area and have such a heart for them.  The Lord had us wait a while to start a group and now it is going strong.  It has been an awesome way to bridge the older kids clubbers out and into their own group.  They have never been a part of a youth group before so everything is new and exciting!  God is really working through Daniel, giving him the words to teach, as he teaches these kids in Spanish, and most are actually respectful and receptive.  We are just praying that the seeds of God's Word would take root in their lives and begin to grow.  We are also praying for continued opportunities to pour into their lives during the week.  We spend a lot of time over in INVU, the neighborhood where the majority of the kids live, and we take time to talk and hang out with these youth.  Lately we have seen so clearly that these are the next generation of Jaco and we are working hard to keep them from even entering into the lifestyles that so many choose here (ie- prostitution, drug use/selling, etc).  So while we spend time ministering to those already in these lifestyles we are also seeing so clearly the need to minister to these kids before they choose to even enter them.  Please pray along with us---these kids need Jesus in a major way to survive in this town!!!