Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Youth leading Kids

For some time now, we are raising up our Youth to be leaders at Kids Club.  Those interested in being a part of the leadership team are required to attend a weekly Leadership Training led by Emily and Lisa, girls who serve with us here in Jaco.  During Kids Club, the youth serve as table leaders where they maintain order and help those at their table with their crafts.  They also are responsible for passing out the snack and distribution of beans and rice at the end.  If they attend all Leadership Trainings for the month, they get to go to Esterillos, a town south of us, and lead a once a month Kids Club Outreach to a poor neighborhood there.   It has been amazing to see these youth really step up into leadership roles...we are so proud of them!  A few weeks ago the youth led each of their respective groups of kids at their tables in a skit acting out a Bible Story and telling how it applies to our lives.  It was such a sweet time of seeing these youth rise to the occasion as leaders of the little ones as well as seeing their creativity come to life!  Here are few pictures of the skits they did.  We love these kids so much and are excited that they are learning life skills that are necessary and useful for the rest of their lives!!

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