Thursday, August 13, 2009

Off to Jacó we go!

As a lot of you know, we are moving to Jacó on Saturday.  Tomorrow is our graduation from language school and then we are packing up and moving on Saturday.  It is so hard to believe that 8 months has already gone by since we have been in country yet it seems as if we have been here forever as well.  Please pray for us as we adjust, yet again, to another city, house, ministry, etc.  Please pray for the kids as they adjust to new surroundings and a new routine which will probably be far from any organized routine for a long while.  We are sad to leave wonderful friends here, but we are so burdened for the people in Jacó that God has called us to reach with His message of hope and love---we know for certain it is our time to go.  Thanks in advance for all of your prayers---we love you and will update you on everything soon!  (We go to the doctor tomorrow about Jacob's ear so please pray for healing there as well!)

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Abby said...

aha! with a little snooping, Amanda and I found your blog! yay! i put you on my "reader" so i can keep up with you guys. i'm very excited. i have one too: