Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our God is so faithful!

We just wanted to thank all of you so much for all of the encouraging words, scripture, and prayers that we have received over the past week. We truly feel the prayers of all of you and are truly humbled by all of the care and concern. Our God is so faithful and we are doing just fine. Besides a few sleepless nights for me and a lot of extra caution, everything is great and God continues to blow our minds with the work he is doing here. Of course, this is probably the very reason Satan has attacked us in this way. Again, THANK YOU so much for encouraging us---we are all a team in this and all of you teammates are so special to us!!

We wanted to share a little story about how the Lord is working in the lives of people here. About a month ago a girl named Maria and her friend showed up at our gate asking if we had any work they could do (cleaning, taking care of children, etc). We talked for a long time and something struck me about this girl Maria, but I told them Daniel and I would have to pray about it. She left me a phone number of someone in her neighborhood so I could contact her later. I talked to Daniel, we prayed and about 3 days later, one Sunday night, I felt like the Lord told me to call Maria and offer her work. I called her and she came by the next day and I asked her if she would like to work maybe 2 days a week for a few hours. I felt like this would be a great ministry opportunity with her. Well, she asked if she could come 5 days a week a few hours a day and I agreed. I know the Lord orchestrated this meeting between us because she has been a blessing to us and we have really been able to pour into her. We talk all the time about the Lord and she has asked me to pray with her on 2 different occasions so I am really praying about the time to share the gospel with her. She is married to Lester (they both came here from Nicaragua 2 years ago) and he is unemployed as well and looking for work. They are extremely poor yet so humble and full of joy. He has been able to help Daniel build a few things for the church and Daniel has paid him in return. More than that, Daniel and I have been able to pour into this couple spiritually in an amazing way over the past 3 weeks. We found out that Lester has NEVER been to church in his life, not even a catholic church, which is so hard to fathom. Well, they came to church with us last week for the first time!!!!! We were SOOOO excited and they both LOVED it!! Lester was really nervous about going...we picked them up and they looked so beautiful all dressed up and excited! We then took them to lunch afterwards and were able to talk to them about the service. They came with us again this past Sunday and really enjoyed it again. Again, I am praying for a time to share the gospel with Maria so pray for us as the Lord prepares her heart! She is very open to the things of the Lord. Below are a few pictures of us with Maria and Lester.
Again, thanks so much for all of your prayers...we love you and are so thankful for you!!!!

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