Monday, August 23, 2010

We are Celebrating!

As many of you know, Palmera (our friend who makes art out of palm branches) has had a rough road. In short, he had a bad knee injury which put him in the hospital for a few weeks. As a result, the Lord began to use this time to speak to him. He gave his life to the Lord and began a miraculous change (from drugs, demon possession, cutting, etc). While he was in the hospital in January, his 3 children were removed from the home from social services (with good reason.) Over these past 8 months God has really been working in him and he is truly a changed man. He has been following all the rules that PANI (social services) has set including attending counseling and Narcotics education classes, all while growing spiritually and being held accountable by men in the church. Well, on Thursday night he got a call from PANI and they told him he was going to get his kids back on Friday. So, on Friday we welcomed his three kids: Eileen, Rainer and Angel with open arms!! We had brownies and coke, Kentucky Fried Chicken and we celebrated. It was such a time of rejoicing, weeping and a true testimony to God's faithfulness. Here is a picture of the family reunited.

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