Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our "Christmas Tree"

So, we have been talking about getting a Christmas tree since we will be here in Jaco for Christmas. We have seen a few fake trees that were more like branches and were very expensive so we explored a few areas in different parts of the rain forest here trying to find a tree. Well, much to my surprise, Daniel came home on Friday with this "Christmas Tree." He didn't realize how much taller it would stand in a planter versus in the ground so we have one TALL tree!! It took some getting used to for me but after lights and pretty ornaments it has definitely grown on me (no pun intended.) The boys love it and have realized that there is plenty of room underneath the leaves to put lots of presents :). The name of this palm tree is actually a "palma navideƱa" or Christmas Palm so it is quite fitting. We did have a wonderful time decorating with the few decorations we brought with us from The States. We have also had fun making ornaments as a family. We look forward to this Christmas Season and pray that we are able to bless the people here with the excitement that we have in celebrating the birth of our Savior! May MANY come to know Him this season here in Jaco!!!

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Michael said...

Hi Daniel and Sarah,
Congrats on being pregnant. Blessing on you all. Thanks for all your ministry in Jaco and for partnering with Mike and Revae. It was a blesssing to meet you guys. Have a save trip back!

PRayers and blessings
Mike Mouw

Third times a charm I hope. Hope this gets to you.