Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2nd Women's Bible Study

We had such a wonderful time at our 2nd Women's Bible Study in the INVU barrio. Because of Easter, we used the Resurrection Easter Eggs to tell the Easter Story to the women and and we had the women who were able to read participate by reading different scriptures fromeach egg. We gave a invitation for the women to receive Jesus and to write down prayer requests so we could be praying for them. It was a sweet time with the women and a few of them actuallyspoke up and participated while I taught. Daniel carved crosses out of wood and the women decorated them to hang on the wall in their homes as a reminder of Jesus's love for them. They absolutely loved this craft and had so much fun using their creativity. It was such a blessed time once again and I just give all the glory to God who is truly leadingevery step of the way with this precious time with these women! Thanks for all your prayers!!!

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