Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Boy

There is a family in INVU that we work with and the mom, Carmen, has helped us with kids club for a couple of years. They are very special friends to us and we love them dearly. While the mission team was here, we were identifying needs in the community to help with and one was a new bed for her son, Segundo. The four of them live in a cabina (one room), which is pretty common, but they all sleep together because they don't have another bed nor the space for one. The team didn't have time to build a bed for them so Daniel decided to build him a trundle bed last week. It was such a fun project and God provided materials/money to purchase a mattress at a VERY discounted price all in one day. It was amazing to see His provision and even more special to see the excitement on Segundo and his family's faces when Daniel was putting it in place. Carmen, his mom, said he didn't want to get up the next morning because he loved his little bed so much! Such a little thing that blessed in such a big way...here are pictures of the finished project...

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