Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Daniel Family

Many of you read a blog post from February where our friends David and Eva Daniel from our home church visited us for about 2 weeks to "scout out the land" here in Jaco. They have been praying and feeling led to this area to start a U-Turn for Christ ministry here. U-Turn is a ministry to men and women with addictions and they have been involved in this ministry at our home church, Calvary Chapel Lexington for a few years now. Many of you are fully aware of the way Satan has taken so many captive to addictions here in Jaco and the devastation it has caused. Anyway, it is OFFICIAL!! They (with their 4 children and twins on the way) are moving December 9th. God has confirmed in so many ways His plans for them to be here and be a part of what God is doing here in Jaco. We are just so excited for them and for us!!! We loo
k forward to seeing all that God wants to do through them. We have been house hunting for them this last week and just found a house for them around the corner from us. We aregetting the house ready for them so it will feel like a "home" when they get here. Please be praying for Eva and David--for their last minute packing and organizing; for their travels here; for their transition to a foreign country...that God would be glorified through all and that they would feel His peace through it all as well!!!

On another note, here are a few pictures of the boys with their friends at their soccer game last week...

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