Monday, February 27, 2012

School and other pix

School is in full swing for the boys and they are LOVING it! We are so excited for both of them and how much they look forward to going each morning. Daniel is also in school again. He is taking a spanish conversation class 2 days a week to go even deeper in his Spanish learning. When we were praying about what to do with the boys for school this year, I felt guilty at certain moments because I was not homeschooling them and have never truly felt called to homeschool them. I prayed for literally months about what the Lord would have us do and He made it very clear that we were to put them in school. Not only do they love it, but even in just 4 short weeks this year we have connected with new parents, teachers, etc that we might not have met otherwise. We are looking at it as even more ministry opportunity---a chance to love more people with the love of Christ. We had Thomas's teacher over for dinner last week and she wants to come to church with us. Who knows what the Lord will do through us and the boys this year but we are committed to being available and intentional!!! Not to mention the fact that I am now "tutoring" a few of the girls (Violeta and Fanny) from INVU and helping them with their homework each day---I guess I am doing some schooling at home after all:). It has been such a blessing to be available to love on these girls as wel

Here are a few pictures of the girls...


Micah is growing! He is trying to sit on his own..
Here areour kids and David and Eva's kids (missionary friends) at a local carnival that came through town last week

Here are John, Sheila, their 2 kids, Mandy and Michael and their niece, Katie...John is a youth pastor from Indiana and is on sabbatical for a few months with his family here in Costa Rica. We have been so blessed by their company. They had us for dinner and a swim last week and we had a wonderful time getting to know them!! Thanks guys for blessing us!!!

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