Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hey guys!  Here are a few pictures from our week in ministry.  

Youth group fun and games!!!

Minor damage in our home from the earthquake.  Our water tank/cooler tipped over and broke flooding our kitchen.  All of our pictures fell off the wall and our tv fell off the table and broke.  Other than that, we were ok!!

Here is a picture of a surf shop on our street.  The entire glass window was shattered and on the ground after the quake.

Here are a few pictures of Leo and Michelle's house.  The framing is done!!!  Ready for sheet rock!

September 9th is "El Dia del Niño" (kid's day) here in Costa Rica.  Children are really celebrated here so we had a lot of fun at kids club today celebrating our sweet kids from INVU!  We had inflatables, face painting, arts and crafts, games and candy!  SO much fun!!!  The kids didn't know we were doing this so they were super excited when they arrived to the park as the inflatable was going up.  We had a great time today!!!

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