Friday, August 8, 2014

Hearts for Jaco visitors!

We have been super blessed to have our friends, The Hueys and The Chavous's, serving alongside us for the past week!  The Hueys were here 4 years ago when the Lord stirred their hearts to begin the ministry, Hearts for Jaco, the academic sponsorship program for those students who need help finishing their education.  The vision of the program is so much more, but it is already changing lives as we have 7 who are currently studying through Hearts for Jaco.  We are super excited about what the future holds for this ministry and all of the ideas that The Hueys and their Stateside team have!!  We have a wonderful couple, David and Pam Sanders, who live here full time and Pam tutors the students on a weekly basis.  She also helps me with the financial side on this end.  They are a true asset to the ministry!

While here, these families had a lunch and pool party for the students to celebrate their hard work and to encourage them in the Lord.  We had a great week meeting, brainstorming and enjoying time with these special people.  Look forward to their return in October!!!

Scott, Melissa, Bailey, Cassidy, Lyndsey, HB, Pam, David, and one of our special students, Cristian

Students enjoying lunch!!

Lyndsey and HB serving lunch

The boys :)

Jurielka, Maria and Emely

Best friends!!

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