Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crusade in Jacó

This past weekend we went to Jacó for the first time since we have been in country.  It was an amazing visit and made us even more excited to get there in the next few months.  We went to be a part of a city-wide crusade that the church was a part of hosting.  The Conquerors, a Christian strength team from Michigan, came to do their strength demonstrations in 4 schools and then the big crusade on Friday night.  It was incredible!  The show was great and their testimonies were powerful as they told of their lives before Christ (drugs, stealing, prison, etc).  They could really relate to many of the locals in Jacó.  This is the first crusade of this kind in the city and there were about 1,000 people in attendance at the local park.  Hundreds prayed to receive Christ as their personal Lord and was AMAZING!  There were prostitutes and homosexuals and those who are just living in the dark who declared that they wanted to turn from these sinful lifestyles and begin a relationship with Jesus.  After a time of corporate prayer, volunteers swarmed through the crowd of people who came forward to receive Christ and each person was prayed for individually and many were set free for the first time.  It was a beautiful time in the Lord.  "The Book of Hope" and salvation bracelets were handed out to each person at the end of the night.  God's presence was so strong during the night.  As soon as the strength show began, a rainbow appeared over the park....what a beautiful promise the Lord gave us as we began.  Then, as one of the team members began sharing the Gospel, a dove flew over the park!  It was so incredible!  God showed Himself in so many tangible ways Friday night and we were more than blessed!  What is so great about all of this is that now there is a church that can follow up with those who gave their lives to Christ and can begin discipling those who really are serious about growing in their faith.  When were here in 2004 on a short term missions trip, there was no church to plug people into so this is exciting!  We are excited about getting to be a part of helping with the follow up for many of the people who are beginning a new life in Christ!!!  

We attended church this morning at Calvary Christian Fellowship Jacó, the church we are going to be serving with after language school.  Mike, the Pastor there, introduced us and we were so blessed to be able to worship with those we will soon be serving!
Here are a few pictures from Friday night!!

Thanks for all of your continued prayers.  Please pray specifically for the following:

1.  Our language study--for clarity and that it would "stick" 
2. Our family's health--many have been sick and have been missing school
3. Our family's safety--many have been robbed at gunpoint so we are constantly on guard
4. For the people of Jacó and all those who gave their hearts to Jesus this past weekend


Justin said...

We'll be praying! God Bless you guys!

Steph said...

What a big leap of faith you guys have taken! I will add you to my prayer list and remember you as friends; To God be the glory, for the changes you are helping to bring!