Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our first visitor

We have been so busy studying for the 2 months that we have been here, yet it has been such a privilege to be able to study Spanish in preparation for the ministry the Lord has called us to in Jacó.  We do miss our family and friends so much and at times it is really hard to be away from them.  But, this past week we were really blessed to have our first visitor from the States.  Our friend, Glenda, came and visited us for 6 days, and we had a wonderful time showing her around San Jose and Jacó while she was here.  She brought all of Thomas's books that we left at my mom's house, and she blessed the boys with a few new treats as well.  

As I said before, we went to Jacó for the weekend to show Glenda where we would be serving when we are finished with school.  Mike and Revae (the couple we will be working alongside in Jacó) came to San Jose the Friday we were headed to Jacó because Revae is due any day with their third baby girl and they had to go ahead and come to town to be close to the hospital.  Mike's plan was to drive back down early Sunday morning to preach, but when he arrived in San Jose he realized that the clutch in his car went out.  Mike was able to call Daniel to fill in for him on Sunday so Daniel had the privilege of teaching for the first time in our new church here in Jacó.  He taught in English and it was translated into Spanish.  The Lord is so amazing--He always has everything perfectly under control and it was no coincidence that we were in Jacó for the weekend!!  We were so blessed to be there worshipping alongside those we will be serving there.   

All in all, the visit with Glenda was a blessing and though it made us miss home at times, she was such an encouragement to us and to the ministry here in Costa Rica!

Jacob being silly as usual!!                                 Thomas with his new cross necklace from Glenda            

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Mari Fontana said...

How's the studying going?? We miss you very much...sal got daniel's message and as soon as he has a chance he'll call you.
we're doing good....just busy!
Love you guys,