Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our New Pet and other things...

Well, we now are the official owners of a pet turtle. The boys are very excited! Daniel found the turtle crossing the road and decided to bring it home for the boys. They have had so much fun "playing" with it and to be honest, it is extremely low maintenance. (This is the only reason I let them keep it.) Our backyard is cemented in and he cannot escape so we let him play outside during the day and at night we bring him in to an atrium area that we have. The boys have named him "Max" and are very proud to introduce everyone to him.
This is a picture of our friend, Jose. He and his wife Rosa are caring for their 2 grandchildren and they attend our church. He sells sunglasses and flowers on the streets to make money and she cleans houses at times and cares for the children. They have become great friends of ours and stop by regularly to visit. Yesterday he came by with his new bike that the church bought him. (Rosa needed a bike she could ride as well in order to transport the children.) It is a 3 wheeled bike with a basket on the back. He asked Daniel to help him build a bench to go on the back for the kids to sit in. The finished product is here in this picture and it turned out great!!! We are so excited for them and their new "ride."

Please pray for us as we begin a new Bible Study in the neighborhood, INVU, where we do weekly Kid's Club. For some time the Lord has been stirring my heart about reaching not only the kids in this area but also the families. Many of the moms have begun coming to Kid's Club so I feel like the Lord has given me the idea to do a "Moms of Kids Clubbers" meeting once a month. Our first one is Monday, March 14th and I will lead a devotion, we will do a craft, and have snacks. PLEASE be praying that the ladies come and that the Lord touches hearts. We are really excited about this and what the Lord might do with it. Thanks for your prayers!!

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