Monday, January 26, 2009

El Museo de los Ninos and other news

Saturday we decided to get out of the house and take the kids to do something fun.  We went to El Museo de Los Ninos. (The Children's Museum) with some friends from school.  It was so much fun!  It cost less than $6.0o for us all to get and it was definitely worth it.  The local "Ticos" are very proud of the museum.  It is located in the old prison (from the early 1900s) and it is now a huge tourist (and local) attraction.   Attached are a few pictures of our time there.  Thomas and his buddy, Cohen. 
Space shuttles are his favorite!!     Here is a simulation of a "terremoto" (earthquake) in a home. Only in Costa Rica would this be a part of the museum.  The kids loved it!

Below is a picture of a man in front of our home who was walking the streets selling furniture that he had made.  We heard him yelling as he walked down the road that he had highchairs and table sets for sale.  It was Sunday morning and we were getting ready to leave for church but we couldn't resist looking at what he had and we did end up buying the table and chairs set shown below for about $20.  The most amazing part of this is that when we were packing up to leave in the US, we knew we couldn't take any furniture and one thing I really wanted to bring but was unable to was the table and chairs set that Faith (Daniel's brother, Ben's wife) painted for the boys.  They loved it and always played at it or ate at it.  It was so great for them, but we had to leave it at my mom's.  Well, the Lord knew that and I know this was Him blessing us with an authentic Costa Rican set and as a result we were able to bless this man by supporting his woodworking business.  We were so blessed by this and the boys LOVE their new table and chairs.  Here are the pictures below.

In front of our house...and this one is in our house...

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Kyle said...

That's crazy that you bought that for $20. How is school going for you guys? Today was our second day in language school. We each have separate teachers. Mine is great, Amanda is already on her second teacher. The one she had yesterday was spelled some words wrong (in Spanish) and gave her the wrong translation for a few words. So, we decided we better stop wasting time with her and ask for a new one. Her new teacher is really good. I am super over loaded with trying to speak correctly. I do well on paper with everything for class, but speaking is so hard. I get lost in the sentence before I finish it :)
Hope things are well with you guys.

You might have gotten this comment 2 times already, I was trying to use the WordPress user name to sign in to post a comment, but I couldn't tell if ever worked.