Friday, January 16, 2009

We Finally Have Internet!!

Well, today we got internet service installed and we are so excited!  It has been difficult with such limited communication with everyone, but now we are connected!  There is so much to write about since we have been here for a full 2 weeks.  It seems as if we have been here a lot longer because we are adjusting well.  We finished our first full week of language school this week and we are exhausted!  Being in school 5 hours a day with no english spoken is challenging, but we are learning a lot!  Thomas and Jacob are adjusting well and enjoying their school, Reyitos del Sol (Little Rays of Sunshine).  Their teachers are wonderful and they only speak Spanish as well so the boys are learning quickly.  Our school is about 15 minutes from our house by foot so we enjoy walking to and from school each day.  The sun is up here by 5:30AM so we get going early and our days are a lot longer.  By 9:00PM we are falling asleep because of each day's activities.  Tomorrow (Saturday) we are going to La Feria (Farmer's Market).  Local farmers come to the park each Saturday morning and and sell fresh fruit and vegetables for very good prices.  This has been a lot of fun and a good way to practice Spanish.  The park also has a great playground and has quickly become a favorite outing for the kids!  We have made many other missionary friends here in school with us who are going all over Latin America to serve when school is done.  It has definitely been an easier adjustment for us coming to language school first because we are with others who are exactly "where we are."  Last week we experienced a "first"...we had an earthquake here in Costa Rica that registered 6.2 on the Richter Scale.  The epicenter was 20 minutes from where we are, but we sure got a lot of movement and shaking.  It was really scary and it scared the boys as well but we are all okay.  Many died or are still missing so we are blessed to have been protected.  Please pray for all of those families who have lost loved ones.  I am going to post some pictures and I will continue to blog regularly now that we have internet.  Thanks for your continued prayers--we know this is the primary reason why the transition has been so smooth.  God is so faithful! This is a picture of us with all of our bags on our front porch right when we were dropped off at our new house by the taxi.  
             This is our new home..  This is our kitchen...                                                      This is the view from our porch... Daniel and the boys in the hammock in the back yard....Daniel's favorite pastime...  
This is our shower is called a widow maker and the exposed electrical wires provide the only warm water in the house                                                               This is "La Feria" (the farmer's market)          Here are the boys playing at the playground...and Jacob is snacking on a green bean that we bought at La Feria
 This is Thomas and his buddy Cohen...they are in school together and live about 6 houses down from us...


Mari Fontana said...

OOOO I remember those shower heads...that's what they had in Brasil. I am a little jealous about the farmer's market.
So glad to know that you adjusting well. We will continue to pray for you guys!!!
All my love,

Becca Thome said...

Sarah and Daniel- I am so glad I was able to skype with you guys yesterday! It was so good to see your faces and hear your voices!! We'll call you soon so Eric and Thomas can talk with the webcam. Love the update on here and the pictures!!! xo, becca

The Longs in Italy.... said...

I am so glad you guys are adjusting so quickly! I look forward to hearing and seeing more!!