Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We are here!!!

We have finally arrived in Costa Rica!  Our transition has been very smooth, but we don't have internet service in our home yet so we are borrowing a computer until our service is connected.  I will post pictures of our home and our life here so far as soon as we get service.  Thank you so much for your prayers--we feel them daily and God has been so faithful to take care of us!  Sorry this is so short but I am limited due to lack of service.  I will begin updating very soon!!  Thanks and we love you!!!


The Van Hamme's said...

We're excited to hear you arrived safely. We've been praying for you all. Can't wait to see pics!!

Kelly Greene said...

So glad you guys made it over there and are safe! Love you all and praying for you,

Kelly (Your Cousin)

Shelley Family said...

Yay! Let us know how you're doing!!