Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Believers World Outreach #2

Our team from Believers World Outreach left yesterday and we were sad to see them go! They were a wonderful group and we really connected with a lot of the individuals on the team. They finished up the week of soccer camp, surf camp, and vacation bible school. Then on Friday night, a group of women came with Revae and I and ministered to the prostitutes on the street while the men went and fed the homeless with Daniel and Mike just as they do every Friday night. For the women, we set up tables and all of our materials and offered hand massages to women as they passed by "headed to work." We had a few girls walking around passing out flyers about what we were doing and this gave us a non-threatening way to begin talking to the girls. As we massaged their hands, we asked questions and tried to get to know them somewhat. It broke my heart as I talked with girl after girl (and a few guys as well dressed as transvestites) because I could see straight through them and the emptiness that they have inside. Many were very young girls and many had been on the streets 6 months or less. As the night went on, we were able to meet many more of the "veteran" ladies who have been working the streets for years. After each massage, we had a special gift bag of goodies (lotions, soaps, Bible etc) and the Father's Love Letter (a letter from Jesus full of scripture and describing the love He has for them as His children, etc) They were beautiful and definitely a big hit with the girls. We then asked if we could pray for anything specific and we were able to pray with every girl about something....it was a special time. I know seeds were planted this night and we are looking forward to doing it again soon. I also am praying for divine appointments during the day in town where I have a chance to reconnect with some of the women I met. I can't help but look at them through the eyes of Jesus and the love He has for them. It gives me great compassion for them as well and I am praying about future opportunities for the Lord to use us with these precious girls.

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