Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thomas's Decision

We have had a really busy June and July with hosting mission teams and The Weed Family/Angela Greco (from our home church.) Thomas and Jacob have been a part of all the ministry that has been done and have loved every minute of it. 2 weeks ago while a team was here, Thomas (our 5 year old) began asking me very thought provoking questions such as "How is Jesus so powerful?" and "Mom, what exactly is life? What does life mean?" (Alot of this was due to the fact that he has heard the Gospel message over and over for these all of these weeks of ministry.) We had 2 very "deep" (for his level) conversations and I saw his little heart softening for the things of the Lord before my very eyes. He was sharing with me all about the Gospel and what Jesus has done for us as sinners and how we can have eternal life in Him, etc. It was such a wonderful conversation and I felt like he was really moving towards being ready to invite Jesus into his heart but I didn't want to push it in any way. Well, this week at the volcano Daniel and I had another "deep" conversation with him and he told us he was ready to invite Jesus into his heart! You can imagine how elated we were! Daniel asked him if he wanted to repeat a prayer that he prayed and he said "No, I want to pray myself." It was so beautiful---the faith of a child is so sweet! We celebrated with him when he finished praying and he announced to us very proudly, "Now I am a Christian!" We are more than blessed to have seen our little guy put his trust in our Lord and Savior and are so humbled that the Lord let us be a part of it! Even more, it was totally the Holy Spirit speaking to his little heart and drawing him to Himself. It is such an amazing feeling to know that he will be with us for eternity because he has put his faith in Jesus!!!! Thanks for all of your prayers for our family--it is through your prayers that our sweet Thomas has joined the family of God!!!!

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Mari said...

So sweet!! AWESOME@!!!