Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Weed Family and Angela Greco: Family Mission Trip and Tons of Fun!!

We were so blessed to have The Weeds and Angela visiting with us for 10 days! They are a family from our home church and their daughter Kellie and friend Angela were in our Youth Group there so they hold a special place in our hearts! They came to WORK!!! It was great! Randy and Daniel did research and found a more efficient stove that produces less smoke called a Rocket Stove. They ordered it off the internet and Randy brought it down for us. They spent a morning teaching a local woman how to use it as she is having many health problems from cooking over open flames all day long. We are testing the stove on her to see if she likes it and who knows, maybe in the future we can bring more in for other families. Dalia was so excited to try it out and we will follow up with her in the next few days to see how she likes it. The Weeds also built a new picnic table for the kid's club park, cleaned it up and painted everything again. It was great! They then blessed us by taking us for some R&R to Volcan Arenal for 3 days where we relaxed, swam in hot springs, hiked to a beautiful overlook and overall just enjoyed the beauty of God's creation. We had an amazing time with them and they blessed us sooo much by being here. We miss them already! Here are a few pictures from our adventures:
Some of the baseball equipment collected by Lisa Henry (from our home church)--brought by The Weeds to bless the local guys Daniel plays baseball with on Friday...they were SOOOO excited!!!
Randy playing baseball with the guys on Friday

Randy, Gabe, Daniel and the girls working on putting the stove in place for Dalia to use.

Dalia, the owner of a brand new stove!!
The new stove in place next to her old one
The girls tasting "Pipa" (coconut water) and leche de coco (coconut milk). Dalia's friend cracked them open for the girls to try...
The group with the finished product!!

Kellie raking in the park
Jacob was a big help shoveling trash and dirt
Painting the park tables (they built that new picnic table)
Ziplining through the trees
Hiking to the volcano overlook
group shot minus Daniel at the hotel in Arenal

Family photo at the overlook at Volcan Arenal

We love you Weeds and Angela and thank you so much for such a wonderful time!!!!!

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