Friday, July 9, 2010

Pictures of life...

Daniel's parents came to visit us!

Surprise birthday party for Maria!!

We have been gearing up for a mission team from The States. They are arriving today and are with Believers World Outreach. They will be here for 12 days and we are really excited about all that the Lord will do in and through them. This mission organization is extra special to Daniel and I because this is the group we were with when we brought our Youth Group in 2004. On this trip the Lord planted the seed in our hearts for Jaco, Costa Rica. We are excited to see Mark and Debbie, the couple in charge that led our trip in '04 as well! I will definitely post pictures during next week so that you can see what they are doing here.

Here are a few pictures of every day life here...some of our sweet kids we minister to every week at kid's club. Others are of family and friends...

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